Universal hunting / buschcraft knife. A great tool also for young scouting apprentices. Light, handy and produced in two versions: thinner blade 3.2 mm and thicker 4.4 mm for those who need a decent reserve of strength. It will work where you do not need large dimensions, but an agile helper.


– Profiling the handle improves the grip and ergonomics of work.
– Gimping on the back and sides of the pads improves grip even when the hands are wet.
– The grommet at the end of the handle allows you to pull a thong or string.
– Sharp back with which you can knock sparks or scrape micro chips for kindling.
-A thick natural leather sheath with a belt loop for attaching it to the belt.
– Handle size M / L (8/9)

»Length: ok 215 mm (100 mm KT)

»Steel: O2/NMV – 3,2 mm lub 4,4 mm

»Handle: Teak, Padouk, Kotibe, Amazaque, Zebrano, Wenge

»Sheath: Natural leather, impregnated.

Nóż myśliwski

We give you the opportunity to order it in two versions:

The blade with a thickness of 3.2 mm – a light working knife, often used by customers also in everyday life (so-called EDC).

Price: 580 PLN


A blade with a thickness of 4.4 mm – a small knife, with a large supply of “power” and the potential for heavier field work.

Price: 610 PLN

Both versions have gained a huge group of satisfied users, giving the opportunity to choose a tool for specific tasks.

Pochwa skórzanaBoth versions of the bear in a set with a leather sheath formed into the edge and impregnated with heat.

  • the price of dangler PLN 20

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