»Steel: O2/NMV 3,2 mm »Lenght: 22 cm (10 KT) »Handle: Kotibe, Teak, Padouk, Amazaque, Zebrano, Wenge »Set with natural leather sheath. Hot impregnated, wet formed. »Price: 490 PLN »Personalisation: Pins, stamp on sheath, steel, handle


Universal hunting knife, thanks to which you can quickly deal with even the biggest prey. Valued by both hunters and survival / bushcraft environments.   By definition, it was supposed to be one of our hunting models, but after showing the prototype gained a lot of interest in the bushcraft / survival environment. We also…


A small hunting knife mainly used for binding animals. Lightweight, handy, agile; it’s its main features. »Length: ok 205 mm ( 95mm KT) »Steel: O2/NMV 3,2 mm »Sheath: natural leather »Handle: Zebrano, Wenge, Amazaque, Padouk, Teak, Kotibe »Price: 490 PLN


Hunting knife for both gutting and skinning of prey, thanks to the slightly prominent belly. »Length: ok 210-215 mm (90mm KT) »Steel: O2/NMV 3,2mm »Included with the leather sheath, impregnated with heat. »Handle: Amazaque, Zebrano, Wenge, Padouk, Kotibe, Teak »Price: 490 PLN