Mini Parang

A large knife modeled on our Parang machete.
A huge reserve of power, unusual shape and ergonomics make it one of the most popular models in our offer. Helpful when chopping, setting up a camp or a field kitchen, it will work where you need a solid tool.
The profiling of the handle improves the grip and ergonomics of work
A grommet at the end of the handle allows you to pull a thong or string.
A sharp ridge with which you can strike sparks or scrape micro-shavings for kindling.

A sheath made of thick natural leather with a sling for attaching to a belt.

»Steel: O2 (NMV) 4,4 mm

»Weight knife: 290g, with sheath: 400g

»Length: 28 cm (14 KT)

»Handle: Padouk, Zebrano, Kotibe, Amazaque, Teak, Wenge

»Sheath: Natural leather, impregnated

»Price: 580 PLN

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