What is it, what for and for whom?
This is a kit for making a handle in a knife. It was created for people who want to try their hand at this craft, it will also be a great gift for a DIY enthusiast.
You do not know what remarkable to give your loved one for Christmas, birthday, bachelor party or the birth of a son?
This is where our MYSTERY KNIFE BOX comes in! DIY!
After the work is done, we have a functional knife with a leather sheath. The perfect set for lonely forest expeditions, a family weekend at the lake or a classic bonfire with sausages among friends.

Because you don’t know which of the 15 kit configurations you’ll get. It’s such a secret!
We have 3 different models of knife blades for you: Forester, Falconer, Lumberjack and 5 types of exotic wood for the handle: Teak, Amazaque, Zebrano, Paduk, Kotibe.
You do not choose, you do not have dilemmas, you do not waste time thinking which combination will be the best. Everything will turn out when you open the box! Isn’t that exciting ?!

How to do it ?? I do not have experience !
Relax, here comes Jakub (dressed almost all in white) and his artistry in this field!
Especially for you, we have created an instructional video with which you will learn how to make a handle from scratch from the contents of your box. We will go through all the steps together step by step; from preparing the covers to finishing the handles.
Do you avoid technology in your spare time or do you have no coverage in the garage?
Nothing is lost! The kit comes with a leaflet, and on the back of it all stages are summarized. Of course it’s always better to see „How is it done?” With your own eyes, right?

Okay, but what’s in the box ??
Such are the following:

Hardened and sharpened knife blade 1 pc
Leather knife sheath 1 pc
Exotic wood covers 1 set
Classic pin and brass tube 1 + 1 pc
Epoxy glue 1 pc
Metal file 1 pc
Wood file 1 pc
Sheets of abrasive cloth 3 pcs
Wood oil bottle 1 pc
A handful of positive energy 1 pc

Everything is fine, nice, but how to buy it ??
E-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Phone – whatever you want.

What’s the price?

400 PLN

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Do you have questions?
Contact us, we always answer on emails!