Parang machete

Parang is a short Malaysian machete.

A machete instead of a hatchet? Why not!

A special convex cutting edge (convex cut), ideal for chopping, grubbing and camp work. Balancing about 5 cm behind the handle and the possibility of gripping in this place makes it possible to peel it without problems or to prepare dishes, without too tiring the hand and hand.

All these features make this tool the first-class in its class.

»Steel: O2 (NMV) 4,5 mm

»Length: 43 cm (25,5 cutting edge)

»Sheath: Natural leather

»Handle: Amazaque, Padouk, Kotibe, Teak, Zebrano, Wenge

»Price: 690 PLN

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Our Parang machete was also chosen as one of the tools for the Oswajama Mróz project. All properties have remained at -50 degrees. The experiment was carried out by the well-known Polish company Read more. And for the evidence of the photo reach for  FB Here

Parang przy pracy

Parang machete green set

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