Parang machete

Parang – Modeled on the Malaysian tool of the same name, but adapted to our climate zone. It can replace a small ax and a large knife at the same time.
The dimensions and special balance make it a highly universal instrument for hard and light work.
Chopping, barking, cutting, scraping, kicking sparks, camp cooking or digging holes for a fire are only its basic tasks. In combination with a sheath, you can even use it as an oar when crossing the water. There are many possibilities and it is up to you how you use it.

Convex cutting edge. A special convex cut designed for hard work. Ultra durable and very sharp at the same time. It does not get stuck when chopping, but “pushes”.

The profiled handle improves the ergonomics of work and reduces hand fatigue.
Three points of balance:
Grip at the end of the handle: for heavy chopping
Mid-handle grip: lighter chopping, for example, of a twig.
Grip at the beginning of the handle + two fingers on the blade without a blade: balance center for planing, striking or food preparation.
Three eyelets in the handle for attaching a string / safety strap.
Partially sharp ridge for striking or scraping.
Rounded edges in two sections on the blade to be used as a barking spike.
A sheath made of thick natural leather that can be attached to a belt.
Optional: molle system to be attached to the backpack.

»Steel: O2 (NMV) 4,5 mm

»Length: 43 cm (25,5 cutting edge)

»Sheath: Natural leather

»Handle: Amazaque, Padouk, Kotibe, Teak, Zebrano, Wenge

»Price: 790 PLN

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Our Parang machete was also chosen as one of the tools for the Oswajama Mróz project. All properties have remained at -50 degrees. The experiment was carried out by the well-known Polish company Read more. And for the evidence of the photo reach for  FB Here

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Parang machete green set

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