Sheath colours

Available: Brown, black, dark red, dark blue, green.

(colours: black, dark red, dark blue, green price 30 PLN)


To fully personalize your tool, you are still missing embossed text!

Initials- to choose from: small studded or large embossed, they will fit on any of our sheaths.

Quotes, dates, dedications etc. It’s depend on the place on choosed sheath.

Garbaty Knives zestaw

 ⬆️Punched letters, one letter ok 1,5 cm

Price for 1-2 letters: 30 PLN

3-6 letters: 60 PLN

Punca las w górach

⬆️Stamp mountain forest: 10 PLN


Garbaty knives dangler

Garbaty knives danglerPrice:  25 PLN

For leathers Parang Machette we sew a MOLLE / PALS compatible fastening system.

Thanks to it, we can attach our tool to the backpack, which will always be at hand – ready for quick use. The system mounted on the knife sheath / machetes can be attached to a wide belt, just like standard belt loops.

Price : 80 PLN

logo garbaty przezroczyste zielone