Scandinavian-style knives have been produced and used for centuries by people from the north of the old continent. The first official records come from the beginning of our era, but knives have been used as such since the dawn of time.
By introducing the line of Scandinavian knives, we wanted to refer to their prototypes and diversify our offer.

These are knives intended for lighter work, among others preparing food, kindling or minor camp work. The functionality, ergonomics and „raw elegance” as we define the style of our products were still in the first place.
The variety of sizes means that everyone can choose a knife according to their requirements and needs.
Our Scandinavian models are called:

Varpunen (pol: sparrow) – length 23 cm (9.5 cm KT)
Varis (pol: crow) – length 25 cm (11 cm KT)
Haukka (Polish: hawk) – soon

Steel: O2 / NMV 3.2 mm

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer of available knives in the store


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