There are many possibilities and methods of sharpening. I use a different method for each type of knives. Below are the sharpeners that I use every day.

  1. Diamond sharpenerOsełka diamentowa
    It quickly blades but requires skill and a secure hand.


2. Sharpener type “V”Ostrzałka typu V
Forces a constant angle of sharpening. It is used for quick sharpening, because for the long “finish” it rounds the tip of the edge.


3. Sharpener systemSystem ostrzący

An extensive and pleasant sharpening system, with a forced angle. Perfect and even cutting edge. Quite time-consuming, but even a layman is able to sharpen his tool well.

4. Water stonesKamienie wodne

Classic Japanese water stones. Personally, I use them only for kitchen blades, where the edge must be perfectly polished.

– High carbon steels with their durability, cutting aggression and long-lasting sharpness, far outperform most stainless steels –