Pike fishing knife

The Pike is a knife model dedicated primarily to anglers.
It combines functionality, ergonomics and one of the best materials available on the market.
It is so universal that we can bind and fillet fish with it, cut ropes or lines, but also prepare food during the trip.
All elements, such as high-quality stainless steel, the material for the handle and the sheath, have been selected so that the entire set is as resistant to a humid environment as possible.
The predominant orange color is easy to see in grass or water.
A rough knife back will help get rid of the scales. Notches on the back and side of the handle called “jimpig” support the grip even when the hand is wet or oily.
Light and balanced at the same time, so that working with it is pure pleasure.
The blade is NOT flexible like classic filleting knives; by design it is a universal fishing knife.

Steel: stainless steel N690 / 2,5 mm

Length: 26cm (14 KT)

Weight: ok 185 g with Kydex, ok 130 g knife

Handle: G10

Sheath: Kydex

Pins: carbon fiber

Price: 800 PLN