Mini Parang Limited

The Limited Edition Mini Parang is a large work knife made of stainless steel. Universal with high power reserve. Additionally enriched with fluorescent pins. The limited edition was created because the Mini Parang is our second most popular knife model. I produced 10 pieces: 001-005 green and orange. The knife is sharpened to the “shaving”…


There are many possibilities and methods of sharpening. I use a different method for each type of knives. Below are the sharpeners that I use every day. Diamond sharpener It quickly blades but requires skill and a secure hand.   2. Sharpener type “V” Forces a constant angle of sharpening. It is used for quick…


Hellfire Razor razor O2 steel – 4 mm. Overall length: 20.5 cm. / Composite: 14 cm. KT: 58 mm. Binding: Stained stabilized maple. No. 1  


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