Definitely the most universal and popular among our models.
The perfect companion for hiking, high mountains or longer camping in the woods under a starry sky. Planing, striking sparks or preparing meals for a bonfire with friends is his daily bread.
The profiling of the handle improves the grip and ergonomics of work.
Gimping on the back and sides of the pads improves grip even when your hands are wet.
A grommet at the end of the handle allows you to pull a thong or string.
A sharp ridge with which you can strike sparks or scrape micro-shavings for kindling.
A sheath made of thick natural leather with a loop for attaching to the belt.
L size handle (9)

»Steel: O2 (NMV) 4,5 mm.

»Length: 23,5 cm (11 cutting edge)

»Handle: Padouk, Zebrano, Amazaque, Kotibe Teak, Wenge.

»Price: 650 PLN

Project : Michał Kiczela

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